Commercial AV Automation (Audio Video)

Installation of advanced communication channels, adoption of automation & quality of service will eliminate redundant work & improve overall productivity of the team. We help you setup not just screens & speakers, we design your unique platform to better communicate with your employees, connect with your audience and share new ideas. Our commercial AV automation will provide an environment where you connect with your stakeholders & take your business to next level.

Design of the commercial AV automation system, installation & maintenance is the key to bring the desired impact. We have experience in provide high quality AV systems for simple corporate offices or large scale or enterprise level audio-visual systems for corporates.

Audio Video Design & Installation

Servsys has provided the design, installation, upgrading and service of commercial audio and video systems for a wide variety of customers. Our experienced team has uniquely experienced design staff designing and implementing electronics systems. System designs & installation engineers follow well defined process and deliver an efficient and structured AV system with complete user guide & service guide.

We provide a detailed document with information about AV components & their interconnection, thus making the subsequent services quick & economical. We have a dedicated technical support department that is on call 24/7.

IP Audio & Video Distribution

When compared to standard distribution network, IP based transmitters multicast data over an active internet. Continuous media streams are packetized into small packets of data and delivered over an IP-based network, making it easier to reach anywhere you have internet. Using IP based distribution, reduces the cost of interconnecting multiple devices across locations with dedicated AV links. Existing ethernet network connections or WiFi connections can be used to transmit data. It is easy to install & expand, provides high content security, good QoS & low latency in transmission.

Studios, corporations, medical offices and more are utilizing an IP network to distribute video content to multiple televisions throughout their facility. If your business is interested in delivering audio or video over IP network, Servsys offers solution that delivers high quality AV over internet.

Conference Room Solutions

Better board room audio/video or conference room AV system provides more effectiveness to your presentations and meetings. Any corporate environment requires audio/video, telecommunication and integrated control systems in today’s globally connected work culture. From complex multimedia conference rooms with video teleconferencing to simple audio systems, we have expertise in designing & implementing cost effective, flexible solutions.

At Servsys, customer satisfaction takes precedence over anything. We provide dedicated support & training to ensure that you get the best out of your AV system. Seamless integration & operation is the key element to the success of any corporate AV system.

Save Time, Money & Efforts with Advanced AV Systems

Smart Office Automation

Generally, there will be lot of sensitive data & expensive equipment at corporate offices which may need more sophisticated security than simple measures. It can be very elaborate including live camera feeds, motion sensors for lights and other processes, alarms which link back to security feeds. Office automation puts more emphasis interconnected devices, data collection, real-time processing & intelligent decision making systems. Having digital office automation is something which can cut down on work, and allow for more creativity.

At Servsys, our automation experts have extensive experience in designing & installing the best Office Automation systems. The systems can be connected to cloud to enable dashboard access from anywhere inside or outside the office. Our dedicated support team is available 24x7 to help you.

Digital Signage

Digital signages are now used in every business ranging from small retail stores, academic institutions, corporations, hospitals and much more. Dynamic signages can be digitally controlled & can receive content over the internet in real-time. And more advanced IoT enabled intelligent signages can sense the mix of audience and change the content dynamically. Whether purchasing a new digital signage system, or improving a current system, we offer full life-cycle support to assist you every step of the way.

Managing Digital Signages as a services will include content generation, creatives design, remote signage management, advanced data analytics to get impact analysis & measure ROI. We also provide enhance support to deliver faster turnaround times & on-time service.