Managed Network as-a Service (NaaS)

Don't build your own network infrastructure when you can subscribe on monthly basis. Managed Network or Network as a Service (Naas) is the process of providing enterprise area networks, Wide Area Networks (WAN), managing routers, configurability and other networking hardware on subscription model. NaaS is very appealing to business owners as it avoids any capital investment for establishing network & connectivity in the office. Apart from this, you don't need a hire system administrators or IT professional to maintain your network. NaaS is simple to manage & efficient in performance delivery.

Greater flexibility - In case of new expansion plans there is no need to re-architect networks or redo contracts. Address to the needs as they emerge and pay as per usage. Benefits being ease of use, ease of upgrade, increased flexibility, better ROI with trade-off between Capex and Opex.

Choose The Best Internet Service

Are you spending more time and energy by enquiring with multiple service providers for the new internet connection? Don’t waste time by going through the various options provided by each vendor that are not suitable to your needs. Be smart and engage our network consultants. We will understand your network/bandwidth needs and will suggest the best suitable solution.

We get the best possible quotations from multiple vendors and let you pick from the chosen plans. Nothing more nothing less, get what you need to run your business efficiently.

Review Your Bills & Spend Optimally

Send us your recent internet bill & we will analyze it to find the possible savings for you. With complex contract agreements and bundled services, it is very difficult to understand the spill overs in your bill. Without your knowledge, you could be paying more than what is required while there is better option available for you. Send your bills for a detailed review and free consultation on the possible optimization.

We talk to your service provider, understand the components of the invoice, negotiate better rates on your behalf and will try to bring down your bill. Potentially we can save few hundreds of dollars per year on your bills. Know your bills better and manage your business better.

Engaging network domain experts will reduce your spending. Lets Talk.

Network in a Box – Self-Contained Network Box

NIB is a self-contained box with all the required minimal IT infrastructure to setup a network in the branch office with minimal effort. It contains everything required to build a modern branch IT network that meets the demands of rapid site expansion like — cabling, switching, power switches, SD-WAN, carrier connectivity, firewall, security and Wi-Fi. When you are expanding your business, do not worry about network connectivity at the new site. Just use the deployment ready “Network in a Box” and experience the benefits of modern connectivity to stay connected to the head office.

Also known as branch office in a box (BoB), our NIB comes with pre-loaded configuration that is suitable for most of the mid-sized organizations. If you have unique requirement, don’t worry, it can be custom configured for your requirement. Let’s talk and know more.

SD WAN is ideal to configure on the go

Having traditional fixed circuit connections between branch offices will be tedious to deploy, to manage and costly. Switch to SD-WAN (dynamic circuits), to enable your branch offices with internet based switching to address dynamic bandwidth and low latency requirements. As it is dynamic, new circuits can be created on the fly and old circuits/connections can be decommissioned with just a click. Today’s workplace demands multiple connection types like MPLS, Wireless, LAN, WAN, Point-to-Point etc and all the request types can be addressed easily. With SD-WAN you can get increased bandwidth at a lower cost, network management is centralized across branch networks and connections can be switched between protocols effortlessly for better & flexible connectivity.

SDWAN provides you flexibility to switch between private cabled network and public wireless network to utilize the bandwidth efficiently. Get full visibility into the network of multi-branch enterprise environment by using SD-WAN.