Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) as a Service

Every business needs the services of a CIO to have digital strategy that is aligned to realize the business objectives and provides robust digital security. But the challenge is, not every business can afford to recruit a CIO. Opting for virtual chief information officer services will bring the benefits of having an experienced CIO without having to pay for a full-time senior IT executive. CIOs will formulate strategies to integrate business strategy with IT and impact profit drivers & competitive advantage.

At Servsys, we provide our clients with a senior executive who has technical background & familiarity with information technology and serves as a CIO of your business. We will help you to bridge the gap between technology & business.

VCIO - Align your Tech Strategy With Biz Strategy

Many businesses want IT partners who can provide advice, recommendations regarding alignment of IT roadmap with business objectives. We understand the relationship and can provide practical recommendations along with a framework to measure improvements for both IT performance and business results. We provide companies a detailed analysis of their IT maturity through comprehensive IT assessment and identify essentials factors that impact business. The recommendations will be aligned to your current applications, technology, budget & existing IT infra. Finally, we work towards simplifying your information technology environment, leading the way to a more cost-effective, better performing, scalable and reliable IT infrastructure.

Our vCIOs (virtual chief information officer) will demonstrate strong knowledge of managing entire IT operations, charting a 3-5 year IT budget, be a key member of your board meetings to correlate business goals with IT. Team of well trained professionals who are familiar with running business and achieving results.

CIO will align your strategy & make technology contribute to bottom line