Managed Digital Security as a Service

Ensuring data security & network security for any small & medium business is a mammoth task today. With the most advanced tools in the hands of hackers, your digital work space should be protected by digital security experts. Your IT team should assess the network & fix the possible paths of attacks, in-case of attacks, the rapid response team should limit the damage & recover the system from the security threat. To recruit & maintain a digital security team is both costly & complex activity. You need the help of managed security experts to get experts on the job and still keep your costs in control

As Managed Digital Security provider, we deploy the best team to ensure that your network & end-points are secured to avoid any hacking attempt. In case of any incident, we have the rapid response team to assess the damage & help you recover as quickly as possible.

Security Vulnerability Assessment

It is very important to assess the enterprise network layout & its configuration for any open paths for cyber attacks. Many businesses fall prey to cyber attacks just being unaware of their own vulnerability. It is essential to do the digital security assessment and identify the gaps to be protected.

Our managed digital security expert team will assess your network, end-points, configurations and all the related entry points to identify the vulnerabilities. After assessing the vulnerabilities, we also suggest the course of action to get protected from cyber attacks.

End-Point Security

End-Points are one of the key sources of any cyber attacks and software virus. It is essential to identify all the digital end-points in your organization and ensure that all of them are protected from any unforeseen attacks. We help you analyse all your end-points, their make, model, firmware, configurations and then provide our recommendations to keep you protected. Recruiting a special team is both costly and complex to manage.

We provide end-point security as a service. Our security experts help you in identifying and analysing all the digital end-points at your business and keep you protected from cyber attacks. Get yourself protected at much less cost than having your own team.

End-Point Detection & Response

It is the process of continuously monitoring the end-points of your organization & respond in any event of cyber attack. This kind of advanced protection is required to identify and manage the response to advanced cyber security threats. The detection & response tools are advanced analytical tools that can identify internal & external attacks to improve the overall company digital security. Clearly it requires specialist capabilities & experience to handle advanced security threats.

Engaging our security experts will provide advanced end-point security capabilities for your organization like detection & response to threats, blocking the hacking attempts and analyzing the agent for better response.

Cyber attacks are closing 10% of businesses every year. Protect Yourself.

Security Information Event Management (SIEM)

A growing organization needs to manage security events and also keep a track record of the activities related to security information. It is the process of automatically analyzing the logs of the activities in realtime and provide security monitoring, correlating different events, analyze agents along with their methods of cyber attack and incident response. Using Ai & ML, it is possible to establish pattern based threat monitoring services.

We have advanced SIEM tools that can keep track of the past activities log, record the incidents & later analyze the past data for better understand the realtime threats from internal & external users.

Email Security Solutions

Email is the main tool used by hacking experts to extract any confidential information. There are wide variety of email borne threats like spreading malware, spam links or phishing attempts. It is very important for any organization to secure its email client & email server. Also it is important to monitor the incoming & outgoing emails and their content.

We help our clients with advanced tools for email security gateway, email scanners for virus, malicious links and spyware.

24X7 Security Operations Centre & Monitoring

A growing business today is inadvertently facing multiple cyber attacks daily. It is not just enough to have security applications, but it is essential to continuously monitor & respond in real-time. Setting up 24x7 monitoring & responding centre is very costly and complex to operate. We have done the background work for you and offering managed SOC to help you secure your business.

Our experts will setup & manage the SOC center to continuously monitor, analyze the flood of security events, to meet regulatory & compliance requirements and shift the focus of security management from being reactive to proactive.