Managed VOIP Services

To provide advanced inter-communication features to your workforce, it is not required to install an expensive in-house phone system on your premises. It is advantageous to go for a managed VoIP services than to have self-owned IP PBX today, especially for small and medium enterprises. Using a VoIP system, you can make calls and receive calls from anywhere if you have decent data connection. Technology brings in automated features like virtual attendant, ring groups or automated call routing that can impact your sales & marketing.

Managed VoIP system provides many advantages like very less maintenance cost, reduced risk of failure and improved scalability. The power of VoIP and the internet allows you to save an average of 50 percent each month over their traditional voice services.

VoIP can save 50% on your regular phone system

If you are looking for transition from legacy communication system to managed VoIP system, we make it simple & painless. We provide fully managed VoIP communication systems for small & medium enterprises which includes analysis, installation & maintenance. Our agents will carry detailed analysis of your enterprise setup & IT architecture to provide the most efficient VoIP solution. Our systems are fully deployed, maintained & scalable ensuring quality uptime for your communication channels.

We take complete responsibility for configuration and maintenance for upgrading, updating & will provide detailed monthly report to make it just a plug and play system for you. Our customer service agents are highly responsive who can assist you in short time to ensure smooth, stable and easy operations.

Managed VoIP will reduce cost & enhance productivity