Managed Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

HaaS (Hardware as a Service) is the procedure of leasing or licensing the hardware of Managed Services Provider (MSP) to deploy at the customers site with specific terms of contract agreement. Under this agreement, the asset maintenance, upgradation, repairs and regular service are provided by the Vendor & the Client pays a regular service fee to the Vendor.

This process of leasing or renting is also known as Managed Hardware Service. This model is very competitive for small and mid-sized companies to provide the best possible hardware to its employees in a cost-effective manner.

IT Workstation leasing is better for SMEs

Managed Hardware Service is beneficial to many companies to better manage their annual budget allocations by shifting from capital expenditure to operational expenditure and also enjoy tax advantages on the expenditure. With the right terms of the contract, the hardware can be replaced at regular intervals with the latest hardware with minimal cost implications.

As a service provider, all the assets will be serviced, repaired, upgraded, replaced and the overall maintenance is on us.

Servers of your choice on contract

If you business demands on premises servers or dedicated servers on remote locations with limited connectivity, do not worry, we got you covered. We provide high performance, configurable servers on contract basis with complete support of installation, configuration & continuous maintenance. No need to make huge investments on purchasing hardware & recruit maintenance team, subscribe to our managed service of "servers on contract", and everything will be taken care of.

The servers will be continuously upgraded with latest technology and highly skilled maintenance team will make sure that you get the best time to focus on your core business and less on IT.

Avoid investment on continuously upgrading IT infra. Get latest Hardware on contract.

Printers on contract to ensure 100% uptime

If you SME business demands high quality & heavy duty printers, the hardware is the heart of your business. It is essential to update the hardware to the latest technology & also ensure that there is very less downtime. We provide printers on contract and continuous support to ensure that your business is always moving ahead. We promise to replace your printers on any incidents or repairs with latest upgraded units.

You will get the best possible hardware & service at affordable contract price. We provide you with multiple options and let you pick from only the chosen plans. Nothing more nothing less, get what you need to run your business efficiently.

Advantages of taking Hardware as Service

Your IT hardware is always updated to the latest configuration available. With regular maintenance & service, your IT hardware is always up and running without any unforeseen bottlenecks.

With the best IT hardware at your end, there is no time wastage for repairs, unexpected shutdowns or lagging performance. Flawless hardware boosts the productivity of your team.

We will be your de facto IT support team to look after your hardware requirements & new demands. Save yourselves from hiring and managing dedicated support staff.

Your cost of ownership of the IT hardware will be substantially reduced by availing HaaS. Convert your Capex to Opex and enjoy tax benefits by booking expenses.

Subscription Plans & Pricing