Structured Cabling Services

Implementing a new LAN or upgrading the existing network infrastructure needs a robust structured cabling system that can scale to the changing needs of the business and easily integrate with other technologies. Network cabling is challenging at every step including planning, installing and maintaining the systems. A poor cabling system can be the reason for frequent disturbance of your network, which can cause inconvenience to the employees affecting their productivity and thus impacting the revenue.

At Servsys, we understand the problems of having scrambled cabling system and strive hard to provide structured solution. With our expertise and experience, we design, construct and install network infrastructure that can meet current and future requirements.

Structured cabling can impact scalability

Our process will start with a thorough assessment of your network environment, overseen by a certified project manager. With detailed understanding your current and future needs, we design a new cabling layout and integrations. Before we connect or disconnect anything, we walk you through the process to ensure you are well informed about the improvements and the expected outcomes.

The primary benefit of structured cabling is to easily isolate any network issues & fix them immediately. It provides scope for rapid bandwidth scaling and ability to integrate with latest technologies. Additionally, structured cabling makes it easy to manage & support the network with reduced cost and predictable performance.

Cabling structure will impact disaster recovery time & rebounce capability