Managed Access Control Services

Every organization has controlled access points that are equipped with systems that can authorize or deny entry/exit permissions to any person. Smaller organizations with single location & limited team can afford to have permission data on the site or on the device. But for larger organizations, the access permissions data should be stored at central location for increased security & flexibility of managing permissions. Managed access control service providers can bring the latest technology to your benefit.

Outsourcing the task of managing access control systems for your organization will deliver tangible benefits like providing high security, 24x7 professional management, centrally managed employee access permission & incident reporting.

Cloud Based Access Control

Cloud access control systems will enable you to remotely manage activities like add or revoke access to users. The access control device will still be on premises and near the entry-exit points, only the user data & permissions will be managed from the cloud. Managed cloud access has several benefits like centralized data management, ability to view complete set of permissions to a person, better access card management, ability to raise alarm on suspicious activity, recognizing patterns in the incidents & will have capability to quickly respond to critical events.

At Servsys, we deliver state of the art cloud access control systems that can help you gain complete control of your premises with reduced operational cost & integrated systems. It also helps to get better insights from the centralized access logs.

Don't let decentralized IT solutions hamper your security

Cloud-Based Surveillance Solutions

Now that every business is moving their digital applications into cloud, video surveillance is also moving to cloud for better service. Cloud video surveillance is more than just connecting your video surveillance systems to cloud storage over internet. True cloud systems will have on-demand self-configuration facility without human intervention, resource pooling for better hardware utilization, rapid elasticity and automated video processing.

Moving to cloud surveillance will result in reduced upfront capital expenses, lower power costs for storage management, improved reliability and reduced operational cost. As the storage & computing hardware are moved to cloud, there will be less human intervention on the ground and reduced need for support.