Managed Compliance as a Service

Today there are regulations virtually at every step of any business. Being compliant with all the regulations is critical for any organization to avoid heavy penalties from authorities. Adapting your business processes to the changing regulations without losing operational efficiency is also important. Expert consultants will deliver compliance as managed service to help you consolidate different regulatory requirements and ensure that your processes are optimally designed.

Our regulatory expert consultants will help analysing compliance requirements and assure that your IT setup & processes complies with regulations. We also help you to rapidly adapt changes in the regulatory landscape.

HIPPA Risk Assessment

If you are operating in Healthcare industry, it is very essential to safeguard the patient information from unauthorized access or fraudulent usage. It protects the privacy, security & integrity of healthcare information of the patient. Any deviation from the regulatory framework is taken very seriously and dealt with hard outcomes.

We engage our HIPPA managed compliance consultants to ensure that your IT processes, information storing mechanism, information access permissions and information usage are all inline to the HIPPA guidelines.

PCI Compliance

With the penetration of digital payment across industries, usage of credit or debit cards for online commerce is at all time high and it is expected to increase. It is essential to protect the payment information & the past financial transactions of the customers from unauthorized access. If you are accepting digital payments from your customers, you should ensure that your payments are PCI compliant.

Engage our PCI managed compliance experts to ensure that your IT systems and storage servers are PCI compliant. We engage with your IT team to understand the workflow & procedure. We find the gaps & help you fix them at rapid speed to ensure that you are PCI compliant.

Non-Compliant businesses face severe penalty and threat of seizure. We help you to be compliant. Lets talk.

SOX Compliance Centers

As number of companies are allowed to accept public money for business operations, it is essential to safeguard the interest of the public investors. It should be ensured that all the accounting practices, financial practices and operational practices are free from any malpractice. SOX regulation prevents any business from misusing the public money.

We help small & medium companies to be compliant with SOX regulations. Revise the accounting methods and ensure that there is no scope for unethical practices. This will improve the brand image of the company & its seriousness in serving the customers.